Bid Solicitation: 03AG-S553
Header Information
Bid Number: 03AG-S553 Description: Outside Counsel (Special Contractor) Bid Opening Date: 04/05/2019 02:00:00 PM
Purchaser: Mark Stewart Organization: Attorney General's Office
Department: 030 - Attorney General's Office Location: 1038 - Consumer Advocate
Fiscal Year: 19 Type Code: Allow Electronic Quote: No
Alternate Id:   Required Date: 06/30/2019 Available Date :  03/13/2019 08:33:05 AM
Info Contact: Bid Type: OPEN Informal Bid Flag: Yes
Purchase Method: Open Market
Pre Bid Conference: In lieu of a pre-proposal conference a question and answer period will be allowed. questions will be allowed through March 20. 2019 and answers will be posted on or about March 27, 2019.
Bulletin Desc: The State of Nevada is seeking to retain outside counsel on a contingent fee basis to provide legal services for the Nevada Attorney General, Bureau of Consumer Protection to assist in the investigation and litigation involving Opioid Litigation.
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File Attachments: Questions and Responses - RFP 03AG-S553.pdf
RFP-Legal Services for Opioid Litigation.pdf
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Emergency Purchase: No
Procurement Type: Services (or combined goods and services)
Purchase from an existing Contract (Agency or Statewide)? : No
Contract Type: Vendor (Contract for Service of Independent Contractor, NRS 333.700)
Anticipated BOE/Clerk Approval: Agency Contract Release - Non-BOE
State Purchasing Led Solicitation: No
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1 03/13/2019 08:54:35 AM The RFP Document is attached to the bid. Attachment File Changes: Header 1. File 'RFP_draft 3.12.19 Final.docx': File 'RFP_draft 3.12.19 Final.docx' added . Enrollment Date Changes:
2 03/13/2019 10:40:19 AM The RFP Document has been posted Attachment File Changes: Header 1. File 'RFP-Legal Services for Opioid Litigation.pdf': File 'RFP-Legal Services for Opioid Litigation.pdf' added . 2. File 'RFP_draft 3.12.19 Final.docx': Show Attachment to Vendor Flag changed from "Yes" to "No". Enrollment Date Changes:
3 03/27/2019 01:21:13 PM The questions and responses have been attached to this bid. Attachment File Changes: Header 1. File 'Questions and Responses - RFP 03AG-S553.pdf': File 'Questions and Responses - RFP 03AG-S553.pdf' added . Enrollment Date Changes:
Item Information
Item # 1:   ( 961  -  49 )   Outside counsel on a contingent fee basis for the Bureau of Consumer Protection to assist in the investigation and litigation involving the manufacture, distribution, marketing and or sale of opioids and claims or causes of action related to the cause or contribution to the opioid epidemic in the State of Nevada,
NIGP Code: 961-49
   Legal Services, Attorneys
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